Monday, April 9, 2012

January Ski Trip up to now!

In January we took our annual trip skiing with Jeff's family, this year we went to Keystone. It was the first time Paige went skiing, and she LOVED it! 
Trying on her ski boots

The smallest skis they had! 

I can't get the stinking video to play the right direction.. But you get the idea- she LOVED skiing :)

By the end she kept telling Jeff to let go! 

First Hair cut!!! 

Easter morning! 

The Easter Bunny came! 

Egg stamps from Grandma Ann! 
We haven't even thought of coloring eggs with Paige yet- so we decorated paper. Lame I know, but I  HATE coloring Easter eggs! Next year I am going to have to suck it up! 

All her loot!

Crazy faces by Paige :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Really has it been a Year??

Oy, has it really been a year since I updated everyone with MASSIVE amounts of pictures of our little sweet pea?
We went to stay at Grandma and Grandpa's house while they were in China.

And it snowed A LOT!!!

Paige Yelling at the Story turkey's

Easter 2011 
(My dress when I was this age :)

First swimming lesson- which she HATED! Hope this year will be better!

My brother Jared got married! and Paige and Cousin Tian got to be flower girls.

Paige's 2nd birthday!!! 

Her Jo Jo... 

Much neater this year

Helping her daddy

Shooting with daddy

Crater Lake

Hiking with Paige

We made it to the bottom! 

Paige fell asleep!

Day at the Denver Zoo!!! 

This was a very angry monkey...

He kept hitting the glass and screaming at Paige

Have you ever seen a BABY flamingo?!! We did!!! Two of them!

Trip to Grand Lake to see Teddy Bear & Grandma Ann

Rocky Mountain National Park (Jeff and I have a pic here when we were dating :) 


Spitting over the bridge with Teddy bear

Pumpkin Picking!

It was so windy! So it was a very quick pick!

After the trunk or treat- which she hated. 

Buttons are the best entertainment for a two year old!! 

Deer Hunting

Christmas tree hunting 

Our tree!!

She kept dipping her pacifier (she was having a rough day) in the snow! 

Our Christmas card this year

Brush teeth!? Paige asks this when she gets up every morning! 

Christmas Cookie Decorating! Jeff's Aunt Janet and Uncle Den sent us an awesome early Christmas gift: all the things to decorate cookies!! 

Paige LOVED this! Look at that face covered in frosting! 

Christmas morning! 

Our precious tree :)

The usual... 

Playing with her Ra ra.

Well 2011 has now been caught up!!! Some are a little out of order but you get the idea! Paige finally has hair- and I will get the new pics up for this year ASAP!
Stay tuned for a BIG announcement :)