Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ok I'll try this again!!

The last few times I have tried to update this blog, the baby woke up early from her nap, I got busy cooking or baking, and my favorite- I load all this pictures and it disappears... So here we go!!! Start at the bottom and work your way up.

We have Christmas coming up- so look for pictures from Paige's first Christmas!!!! I have got to figure out how to put movies on here- For Christmas Jeff and I gave each other a video camera!! So now including pictures we will be posting movies!

This next week I am taking Paige for her 6 month check up- Paigey is 6 months old!!!! Can you believe it?! She Amazes Jeff and I everyday and she is such a joy and blessing. We are over the moon and having so much fun! So far this age is my favorite, she is grabbing for everything, and not to mention my little lady smiles the whole day! Enjoy the pictures! Now that I have caught up this won't be such a daunting task to keep up with!

Love to all!!

Ann, the amaryllis that you gave me back in October- bloomed for Thanksgiving :) it was beautiful!!!!!

Paige can ALMOST sit up!! She will sit up but then flops over. We went to the grocery store this past Monday, and Paige sat in the cart like a big girl! (With the grocery cover on the cart of course!) We went grocery shopping at 8am- FYI Safeway grocery store opens at 6am, why didn't anyone tell me this!?! We went took our time and actually came out not forgetting a thing! She loved sitting in the big girl seat and looking at everything, and holding/ chewing on my list.

What is this???

Rudolph the white nosed reindeer??

I couldn't wait to put up the Christmas tree- the day after Turkey Day Jeff went and bought a tree at Ace Hardware (we were going to go up to the mountains- but Paige's cheeks and skin are just like mine and turn bright red and breakout as soon as the cold hits them) SO maybe next year!

Paigey has found her voice- she squeals blows on her bottom lip (like fart noises- Tara your boys would be so proud :)
So very over the photo shoot!!!

Paigey Soup!

My uncle's rocking chair :)

We went up to my Dad and Mom's so Jeff could go hunting (he used his tag and mine and got 2 very nice little bucks! Our freezer is full!) my Mom and I had (well mostly my Mom:o) the idea to put her in things, and take her picture!

Look Ma- I can hold it all by myself!


Paige was a pink leopard for Halloween! We waited and waited- we got 7 trick or treaters. But remember we had over 10" of snow and it was colder than cold!!!

Halloween!!!!!! And Paige wasn't too excited first...

My little lady is holding her head up to high now! Paige can roll over and has been from her tummy to her back. The only time she will roll from her back to tummy is when she is upset. I think she thinks she doesn't need to- it's totally a waste of her time!

So I know this isn't a picture of the baby- but we got the most INSANE snow storm before Halloween. This is from our roof to our fence!! It was BEAUTIFUL!

See Tara the giraffe is being well taken care of!! And Paige LOVES it!

Thank you to Nicole and Tara for the hand-me-down baby bjorn!! I knew I would HATE it.. however it is great for when I am running errands, or when Paige is fussy and wants to be attached to me! I love my sling but I can put her in this super quick and get laundry done!
Sorry Jeff- had to show that you love it too :)

We Got back just in time for my birthday (yes I turned the BIG 25!!) for Paige's Doctor's appointment-which was on my birthday, Happy Birthday to me.. She got a normal check up- everything is great she is healthy and happy and weighing in at: 14lbs 12oz 23 3/4" !!! What a big little lady :) the doctor said we could start rice cereal - if we wanted. I said why not could be fun!! Well a messy fun! She wasn't liking it at first but now we are eating: pears, sweet potatoes, peaches, green beans- and soon carrots!!! And yes, I am making my own baby food. I bought the greatest book on (my go to website for anything) and they had the most wonderful 100 to baby puree's. So we are having fun making baby food and trying new tastes!

Right after I got back from my Dad and Mom's we left for Michigan! Jade- my best friend from high school got married October 17 (my Dad's birthday!). This is what Paigey wore! She was such a trooper and didn't even cry!!!

I went up to my Dad and Mom's while my sister Tara and her kids where there (so Trevor could go hunting). Paige was overwhelmed by all of the noise that Tian and Trace could make, she was beside herself in over stimulation! But somehow my Dad got her to fall asleep- he hasn't lost his touch :)

So by this point Paige is still sleeping in our bedroom. So I wanted her to be able to nap in the pack and play (which was in our living room) then to nap in her crib, then sleep at night in her crib! This lasted a month.. then the whole sleep regression around 4-5 months happened... And she is back in our bedroom at night- needless to say the bassinet is HUGE and she is slowly growing out of it! We are currently working on getting her to sleep in her crib at night... stay tuned...

Loving the Johnny Jump up! She would stay in there all day if I let her.

Paige finally took a nap without me holding her!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Long Overdue pictures

Finally a new post! We went without internet for a while and were convinced it was our provider until I finally called and found out our router had gone bad. And on top of that we have a baby that is very demanding of our attention. Things have been going good. Paige is the best baby we could possibly imagine. She sleeps atleast 8 hrs a night every night, which is amazing. All in all paige is a pretty happy go lucky baby. Don't get me wrong we definately have cranky days but most are good. We got tickets to the U.W. vs Texas Game last minute so we could not resist going and taking Paige with, even though we lost it was fun to take Paige.
Enjoy the Pictures
This is our very first ballet outfit and we are even trying to strike a ballet pose!
Here is the full Cowboys (cowgirls) outfit ready to go to our first football game. We slept all the way through the game in Mommy's sling, even the cannon that it fired when we score didnt scare her.

Here we are getting ready for our first football game, once again smiling and talking to the monkey.

Just a happy baby.

We have definately found our hands and know how to get them and other things into her mouth know. Just yesterday we found our feet as well.

She is sound asleep on daddy's belly and chest, once again with the hand behind the head.

Paige likes to sleep like her daddy, all over the place. One of her favorite's is the "sprinkler with her hand behind her head and the other sticking out

We have found that the exesaucer is a great form of entertainment for her (for a few minutes at a time atleast)

Everybody see how cute I am!!!

We can smile really really big.

Thank you Aunt Melonie for the monkey. It is by far our favorite thing in the world. We can be in the middle of screaming and see the monkey and laugh.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

July and August Pictures!

Sorry it has been so long! But Jeff and I have been savoring every smile, trying to giggle, and Paige holding her head up! It truly amazing how quickly she has changed!

Paige will now smile back when you smile at her (it makes her 4am feeding so much more rewarding!). She is starting to notice so much more of her surroundings. Paige is trying so hard to giggle and she is getting there!

Paige is a wonderful baby!! She only cries when she is hungry, needs a new position, or a new diaper! She is generally a happy girl! And we have only had a few meltdown days!

Enjoy the pictures! The bassinet my Mom and Dad gave Paige!

The first time we took a picture in her carseat she was leaving the hospital! She looked soooo little! She's a little bit bigger now!

It was sooo hot one evening and Paige was SUPER cranky! She finally fell asleep on her princess and the pea pillow!

It looks like she is hugging Jeff : ) This is up at my parents house!

Thanks for the bouncer Cindy! She loves to fall asleep in it!! I can actually take a shower and get ready and she stays asleep!

Trying to hold her head up! We're getting there! (this was taken a few weeks ago! She is way stronger now!)

Monday, July 13, 2009

New Pics!!

I know you loyal Paige followers have been waiting for more pictures! So here they are! When you have to tend to every whim of a 3 week old infant your time becomes so valuable- in which I would much rather brush my teeth : )


No pictures please!

First bath at home

Thanks for the towel set Uncle Bob & Aunt Amy!
Practicing the sprinkler dance move!

Paige's new belly button after the cord fell off!

oh those little feet!

Paige's First outdoor experience- fishing included! She slept through most of it :)