Tuesday, August 18, 2009

July and August Pictures!

Sorry it has been so long! But Jeff and I have been savoring every smile, trying to giggle, and Paige holding her head up! It truly amazing how quickly she has changed!

Paige will now smile back when you smile at her (it makes her 4am feeding so much more rewarding!). She is starting to notice so much more of her surroundings. Paige is trying so hard to giggle and she is getting there!

Paige is a wonderful baby!! She only cries when she is hungry, needs a new position, or a new diaper! She is generally a happy girl! And we have only had a few meltdown days!

Enjoy the pictures! The bassinet my Mom and Dad gave Paige!

The first time we took a picture in her carseat she was leaving the hospital! She looked soooo little! She's a little bit bigger now!

It was sooo hot one evening and Paige was SUPER cranky! She finally fell asleep on her princess and the pea pillow!

It looks like she is hugging Jeff : ) This is up at my parents house!

Thanks for the bouncer Cindy! She loves to fall asleep in it!! I can actually take a shower and get ready and she stays asleep!

Trying to hold her head up! We're getting there! (this was taken a few weeks ago! She is way stronger now!)

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