Thursday, May 28, 2009

In the home stretch!

I figured I would start this blog so that Jeff and I could post pictures of our new arrival due June 26th, 2009! I tried to do a wedding blog when Jeff and I decided to tie the knot almost 2 years ago... but I was so bad keeping up with it! So this time at least I will have more pictures to post and I hope to keep up to date! Any way to catch everyone up to speed

PREGNANCY SO FAR: So after the morning/ all day sickness faded, and I could actually feel sort of "normal" again, things have gone pretty good and as Jeff puts it "I am a boring pregnant lady"! Now my days are consumed with not being able to see my feet, pick up something on the floor, an odd feeling that I need to reorganize my already organized closet, scrub the grout in my shower, to rewash all of the baby clothes and blankets, not to mention having a bigger waist line than Jeff! Just to name a few! At least I will have beat the heat by the time she is here (gosh I hope!). Thank goodness Laramie doesn't get too hot in the summer regardless! I guess it could be worse.. but at least I get a wonderful present at the end!

If she is as active when she is born as she is now- Jeff and I are going to have our hands full! She is a great kicker and I am still convinced she can break one of my ribs.. She likes to keep me up most of the night already with her kicks and punches! She responds to music, and when you rub her butt (which is located right underneath my ribs most of the time!)! Lets hope she grows out of liking her butt rubbed before she is a teenager! Heck- I hope sooner than that!

We think we have picked a name, but when we see her and it doesn't fit... then we will go with our back up names! We have at least stood firm on the middle name so at least that is half the battle! I never thought that picking out a name would be so hard.. But the more and more I thought about it the more I realized that this will go with her forever (that is if she doesn't change it one day because she hates it! :) ). So we have a list of 4 or so other girl names that Jeff and I can sort of agree on!

So as of today I am 35 weeks! I will be 36 tomorrow, I will be considered full term at 37 weeks! As the days get closer and closer I realize that our house will never be as quiet as it is now.. I won't get as much sleep as I use to, but at least it will all be worth it in the end!