Monday, April 9, 2012

January Ski Trip up to now!

In January we took our annual trip skiing with Jeff's family, this year we went to Keystone. It was the first time Paige went skiing, and she LOVED it! 
Trying on her ski boots

The smallest skis they had! 

I can't get the stinking video to play the right direction.. But you get the idea- she LOVED skiing :)

By the end she kept telling Jeff to let go! 

First Hair cut!!! 

Easter morning! 

The Easter Bunny came! 

Egg stamps from Grandma Ann! 
We haven't even thought of coloring eggs with Paige yet- so we decorated paper. Lame I know, but I  HATE coloring Easter eggs! Next year I am going to have to suck it up! 

All her loot!

Crazy faces by Paige :)