Friday, September 25, 2009

Long Overdue pictures

Finally a new post! We went without internet for a while and were convinced it was our provider until I finally called and found out our router had gone bad. And on top of that we have a baby that is very demanding of our attention. Things have been going good. Paige is the best baby we could possibly imagine. She sleeps atleast 8 hrs a night every night, which is amazing. All in all paige is a pretty happy go lucky baby. Don't get me wrong we definately have cranky days but most are good. We got tickets to the U.W. vs Texas Game last minute so we could not resist going and taking Paige with, even though we lost it was fun to take Paige.
Enjoy the Pictures
This is our very first ballet outfit and we are even trying to strike a ballet pose!
Here is the full Cowboys (cowgirls) outfit ready to go to our first football game. We slept all the way through the game in Mommy's sling, even the cannon that it fired when we score didnt scare her.

Here we are getting ready for our first football game, once again smiling and talking to the monkey.

Just a happy baby.

We have definately found our hands and know how to get them and other things into her mouth know. Just yesterday we found our feet as well.

She is sound asleep on daddy's belly and chest, once again with the hand behind the head.

Paige likes to sleep like her daddy, all over the place. One of her favorite's is the "sprinkler with her hand behind her head and the other sticking out

We have found that the exesaucer is a great form of entertainment for her (for a few minutes at a time atleast)

Everybody see how cute I am!!!

We can smile really really big.

Thank you Aunt Melonie for the monkey. It is by far our favorite thing in the world. We can be in the middle of screaming and see the monkey and laugh.