Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rolling, rolling, rolling, keep them Paige's rolling....

Paige and I (Leah) went and stayed with my Mom and Dad (well my Dad left for a business trip) for a few weeks. In that time Jeff did some MAJOR work on our house! Pictures to come!!
While we were there Paige enjoyed yelling at the dogs and trying to catch the attention of the cats! In this picture Izza jumped up on the chair and Paige's jaw literally dropped!! It was so funny! But of course as soon as I grabbed the camera she stopped..
So apparently I used to sit in this same exact high chair, and sit the same exact way... Paige really loved this high chair! Me... not so much! My Mom finally tied a dish cloth around her so she couldn't slide out! It is amazing my siblings and I are still alive : )
Paige has finally showed an interest in crawling! All of a sudden Paige wants to roll again. As soon as she could sit up she has wanted NOTHING to do with being on her tummy. Well now she is all about rolling ALL over the floor!!!
And this is now how I find my poor little Angel- waking up because she rolls in her sleep..she isn't sure she likes doing it just yet, but she is adjusting.
Paige started on the green carpet... and rolled all the way under our dining room table- then she could figure out how to get out! Mommy to the rescue!!
On our way home- while passing through Medicine Bow we came across this... These deer must have been picking up a 6 pack.

Jeff and I are amazed with this little girl. Paige is really showing her personality, and man it is a BIG one! She is making many noises: rasberries , sing song noises, and yelling at her boys (R.E., and Mo). She is getting so big, and I about cried when I made an appointment to get her 9 month pictures.
Yes, I said 9 months (in March of course!).
With crawling in our near future, I am treasuring sitting down as much as I can : )