Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy/ Merry Everything!!!

Hey all!!Sorry I know I said I would be better about posting pictures- I am so horrible at remembering! So enjoy! These are from November 2010 up till now :) enjoy love to all!!
I was in the kitchen and it got very quiet... Paige got up in this chair and was watching sesame street :)

Playing with her nay nay's (horses)

then she realized I was taking pictures- what a ham..

The Christmas tree that was brought to the US capital 

Paige discovered that there were cups hidden away in a cabinet... she took them out one by one

Not Paige's first hunting trip, but one that was actually documented with her in it :) and RE

Fredrick :) Gavin's burro

Christmas 2010

Christmas morning (Notice no ornaments on the bottom half, can you guess why?)

Believe me she was super excited about the weebles, even though she doesn't look it.

Eating like a big girl!!

Again.. Me in the kitchen, Paige in the living room- no I don't let her watch TV a lot but when we watch Sesame Street I think she gets bad ideas from it. She got her little chair up on the couch and the proceeded to sit in it while she ate her snack.

I LOVE this dress... Getting ready to go to church fashion show.

Again, why does she do bad things in less than 2 minutes of me turning my back? So cute I couldn't help but laugh! I guess the flour is not as bad as when Jeff was watching her.. She got into the brown sugar :)

She thought having her arm vacuumed was hilarious, by the way. 

The dress was cousin Tian's had to share! She was just too cute in it!

Naughty Gus..

This girl sleeps in some WEIRD positions! Yes I did push her feet in and turn her horizontally. 

Gus kept chasing Paige riding her nay nay. Needless to say Paige and Gus got into a really big fight. Resulting in me making an appointment to have him declawed. Yes I know I am meanie. 

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  1. Thanks for the photo update. I especially love that you're photographing the flour disaster instead of screaming!