Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Any day.. yeah sure!!

I have been in and out of the Doctor, weekly visits are a killer! Everything looks great I am progressing a lot faster than "normal" first time mom's (according to two of my Doctor's that I see). I was having a TON of contractions all last week and Thursday I really thought things were cooking! So I went in had a non-stress test... and I stopped contracting. Of course! They did mention that I was showing that I was having quite a few contractions and I wasn't feeling them, so that made me think- maybe labor won't be so bad. HA! I can hope right??
Went to the Doctor today and I have progressed quite a bit since Thursday! And they said they wouldn't be surprised if they saw me in Labor and delivery by the end of this week... SO I am trying to keep myself occupied with cleaning, re-cleaning, reading non-pregnancy books, stocking up on SLEEP, and last but not least trying to not get my hopes up on delivering before my due date! Which my due date is next FRIDAY!!! Please keep your fingers crossed that the doctors are right!

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