Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day two a success

9 am day two we got discharged with a healthy mommy and a healthy Paige. We found she likes car rides as she fell asleep on our 5 minute ride h0me. Paige has been fairly quiet without much fuss. She likes to be nursed (what baby doesnt like food). Our first night was good, she stayed up for quite some time around 2 am daddy got her to sleep and she slept until 6am.
The dogs have taken quite well and are very protective, R.E. will not leave her side and growls at mogul when he gets two close. Both dogs are allowed to get in a little lick when they feel the need.
new pics
peaceful baby
Watch dog R.E.

Happy Mommy and Baby

Going home


Proud Daddy


So Big

Nap Time


  1. she is so beautiful! Elizabeth (and of course us too) can't wait to hold and hug and kiss her new cousin Paige! Congratulations to the both of you! Keep us in the loop when you are planning on scheduling her Baby Blessing! We love your blog! and WOW you were fast with new pictures! keep posting- we love to see new pictures of your beautiful family! Love the Maloys

  2. Oh just you wait :) They are big and terrorizing you before you know it :)

    She is beautiful!