Saturday, May 29, 2010

Closing in on the first year...

Yep.. Sound asleep!
Valentine's Day! (My best friend from high school, Jade, made Paige this hat!)
I think she thinks she is in a hot tub relaxing...

There aren't words for this pose..
Her evil grin :)
What baby loves pickles??? PAIGE!!!!! That's my girl!
Paige found the tupperware!!
Loves her Mo!
Many don't believe us that our two silly dogs let Paige climb all over them. But it is TRUE!
I need to get pictures!
Yep she is going to be a climber!
Grandpa let her hold the remote!!!! Can you believe it- she was so excited!
I don't even need to explain- all I can say is tomato sauce is hard to wash off when it dries!

Hello to all!!!! As we are closing in on the year mark, I am amazed how quickly time has gone by!!
Paige is now standing, and getting into everything!!!
Summer has finally hit Laramie, so get ready for even better pictures! I have got to get more pictures with Paiges "bob's" Jeff and I think that she is trying to say dog's but it come out more like bob's!
She can't get enough of them!
Paige can say: mama, dada, baba, RA (for RE), Mo (for mogul- we call him Mo), Bob's (dog's), and many more which I am sure has meaning to her but is another language to Jeff and I!
She enjoys crawling to the back window and hitting it until her "bob's" come to the window.
We go to the doctor the end of June for Paige's 12month visit! So I will update on her stats :)
Enjoy the picures!
Love to all,
J L & P

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